Fifty Shades of Crimson

Emo (Sarah)
Hi, I just read this story on Nifty. i thought it was wonderful, very well written and a well thought out plot with very believable characters. Of course, my heroine was Amanda and i loved that you had her using unarmed combat to defeat her attackers. Thank you for a wonderful story.

I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your delightful tale. It is well written and a lot of fun. Thank you so much

Michelle Thomas.

I just wanted to drop you a little line and let you know I love this series.  Not even half way through yet and I've been hooked since the first part.  I can't wait to read everything else you've created. Thank you for sharing your art, your world, and your characters.

Dr. Wolfgang L.
After finishing the last chapter of your story I just wanted to tell you how immensely I enjoyed reading it. It was captivating, enthralling and beautiful.

Emma Singleton
I really enjoyed reading Fifty Shades of Crimson, and would happily read any of your other work. Do you have any stories published? If not, you should. I would love to read more of your work.

Anne Onimus
Just got done reading all the chapters posted on nifty. Are there any more chapters? It takes something special to get me to sit still and read for more than 5 minutes, and this was something special indeed.

Bob B.
First instalment is interesting, please post more. More questions than answers at the end of it, which is good.

L. Carr.
OMG as the cool kids say a well written story and well laid out in manageable paragraphs that were a delight to read. Please tell me you intend to continue writing it

Jean-Jacques Joseph.
Wow! Good premises, more?

Death’s Angel

Brilliant, clever book! - Ashley Rae Little on August 12, 2016
Loved this book! The author has done a brilliant job of creating a witty, provoking, well written story that makes you eager to turn the page. I am eager to check out T. Charters' others books!

Amazon January 2016
Trig writes in a style all his own, but has moments where his heroes Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams shine through. He takes the age-old Good vs. Evil battle and puts an intriguing new spin on it. Seen from the perspective of the young Regan Gale, the tale gives us an unique view of the Celestial battle. Engaging writing, difficult to put down and with gems of humour studding it throughout. No topic is so serious that it doesn't have a little fun poked at it.

Amazon December 2015
Loved it. The story and characters were great and the story kept me entertained the whole way through. The mystery elements in the story were well placed and revealed just enough each time to keep me wondering what was going to happen next. Looking forward to the next one.

Awesome book, really enjoyable pace and character interaction, you find yourself taking a vested interest in the characters, especially Regan, and her development as the central character (no spoilers here folks, best to experience it for yourself).

Phay De Gasperi
"Great story and characters. Easy to read but hard to put down. Classic tale of good versus evil with a twist."

A rather refreshing, clever and unique revisit of the classic tale of good versus evil; God against Devil – but with a twist. A story told with wit, carefully crafted characters and a landscape of imagination.

Thomas Strange Series

S. Macnab
I received copies of your Thomas Strange books a couple of weeks ago (I read them in 4 days – I just couldn’t put them down each night). I really enjoyed them and am anxious to learn whether Thomas will be finding his parents in the next book!

There is nothing quite like a Sci Fi book. I find I can pick up a book aimed at young or old and enjoy it equally as much as a book meant for my own age – actually, the young adult books are probably the best. I think Sci Fi is an area where a series of books can engage the reader more effectively than romance, for example, and definitely horror or drama. Look at the length of the LOTR books. Now those 3 very large volumes could have been produced as a dozen books in a series, so rich are the descriptions. Your Thomas Strange books have the same strength via the descriptions of your own sci fi technology and Realm as a new world to learn about.

Just one thing – why is Cassie such a cranky sod? HA HA

A Macfarlane
This is the third of the Thomas Strange books. It builds on the vast realm of linked people that Thomas Strange was drawn into in the first book and the unlinked planet that was revealed in the second book. The book can be read without reading the first two books but necessarily a great deal of the richness and pageant of characters is left out. There are many necessary references to events and characters in the first two books that are succinctly explained but no author can summarise two books in passing.

The Guardians of the Realm continues in the same uncomplicated style of “kids doing kids’ things” that was so effective in the first two books.  Thomas and Cassie, joined by Jen from the second book, inadvertently open layer upon layer of mystery. Although classified as science fiction, this is not a book about the advanced technology. The technology mostly stays in the background as the Realm’s public transport and communications system.  As with the previous books the mysteries arise from uncovering the Realm’s turbulent history, and how this affects the actions of current, living characters. This history is, however, never an academic exercise.  The children are drawn personally and quite unintentionally into the current political face of a Realm shaped by both ancient and more recent events.

The story is from Thomas’ point of view. By curiosity and his special status as the Interface Thomas uncovers events and current arrangements that he would rather not know.  His reaction is that of the boy he is. But mysteries pile up and he cannot but continue to try and understand. Thomas is no super-boy – no special hero. His strengths are curiosity, persistence, some courage and ordinary luck. The author’s skill lies in avoiding dramatics while building a brilliant mystery story.

As the mysteries unravel, the scope of The Guardians increases beyond that of the first two books. Previously hidden facts are revealed which give the story greater perspective and entangle more characters.  The book builds towards a series of solved mysteries – revelations that place Thomas more and more in the swirling centre of ancient fears and threats.  The Guardians has a greater depth than the first two books as it draws all the threads together and puts a broader perspective on the occurrences of the first two books.

B. Morrison
Although this is the second book of the “Thomas Strange” series, it is easily read on its own. Trig’s engaging, direct style and superb sense of pace result in a book which is easy to read but very difficult to put down. Many more facets of the fascinating Realm are revealed, even some of its darker secrets are brought to light as the ever curious Thomas learns more of his alien heritage. The book draws the reader inexorably into Thomas’ adventure until the final twist in the plot. And then we are left with a most intriguing question. Without a doubt this is brilliant work by an ascendant author. The next book will be at least as eagerly awaited as this one, possibly even more so.

A. Macfarlane
In “Thomas Strange and the Secret of the Rift”, Trig proves that “Thomas Strange and the Forgotten Past” was not just a one off book. This is an author to watch. His carefully constructed stories are told with a wonderful simplicity and naturalness. The brief episodes of drama spice the mysteries and questions that power the book along. Here is a science fiction story that does not just pander to techno-junkies, that has gigantic themes but plays no dramatic tricks. The reader sees it through the mind of an ordinary child who just wants someone to tell him what is going on. The narrative unfolds a complex history only vaguely hinted at in “The Forgotten Past.” Trig’s masterful style holds the reader’s interest on each page as the vaguely perceived mystery comes into focus. “The Secret of the Rift” is more complex than “The Forgotten Past” but is delivered with the same effortless writing that made the first book so satisfying. The end pulls a whole tapestry of threads together to resolve the mystery and then leave the hint that there is more to come. I look forward to the next Thomas Strange book.

W. Daniels
I have just finished reading your book, and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading it. It held my interest all the way through. I know it is for children, and even though I am 60 years old, it still got me in. I do not normally like science fiction, but your book was an exception. Keep up the good work. Congratulations on a well written story.

Barry McErlean Author of Fallen Angel.
Thomas Strange takes the reader on a journey through distant galaxies and to a place and time where ‘ring’ travel is the norm. The story line is imaginative and the various settings have been created with a mix of realism and fantasy.

The main character, Thomas, is a likeable lad who effectively narrates his journey through the transformation he must make. He is thrust into a distant and futuristic world where friendships are forged and enemies plot against him. The reader is enticed into continually turning the next page to learn more about the new worlds that the author so vividly describes.

This novel allows the reader to escape into a wondrous world of gizmos and gadets, galactic travel and alternate planetary experiences. This novel was a great achievement and will be enjoyed thoroughly by the young and old alike.

M.Brown. - Vancouver, Canada.
" ... a story to enthral all ages, extremely well written in a format that is easy to read yet providing sufficient detail to make you feel you are there along side Thomas. This is a book that you simply cannot put down as each page brings another twist and you simply just have to keep reading till the end. This author is certainly going to entertain many ages with his easy to read, SCI FI novels ... "

J. Briggs
I thoroughly enjoyed book 1. The story flowed with extraordinary ease. You weren’t so much reading a book but rather invited in to share in a wonderful adventure. Trig has an excellent style. Really looking forward to book 2.

P. Cross
I read your book. I really liked it – very good story, well structured – no sex, no smut, no swearing – excellent!

A. Macfarlane
It is the skill of the author to sustain the momentum of a thriller without the literary devices of the genre. There are no histrionic passages of frenetic action. Every chapter sketches more of a fascinating unfolding picture that comes together for a satisfying conclusion. The reader is left not with a climax but with a feeling of having taken in part in putting together a wonderful jigsaw puzzle. Highly recommended. I shall be reading more from this author.